Alexis Chontos


In the past, I've been a college webmaster, a web developer, and worked at a magazine for a few years. I've also had the honor of winning a few web awards, and have produced a number of specialty sites, Flash projects, and worked alot with web analytics. I serve as a judge for several international web awards competitions.

I love traveling, orchids, chess, crochet, and reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction. I love to write fiction, too, whenever I can find that scarce commonity called time!

I live in the Pittsburgh area, a comfortable, "little" big city. It's easy to walk around the entire downtown area (which is confined by the rivers). Close to gorgeous countryside, great unique neighborhoods, lots of bike trails and outdoor activities, low housing prices, moderate weather year-round, and so much more. While no city is perfect, on the whole, Pittsburgh is a wonderful place to live! And it's very centrally located! You're half way between New York City and Chicago, and you can travel north, south, east, or west with ease.