Alexis Ludwig

Shawnee Mission

Age 18 years old

Hight 5'0

Gender: Its a Grey Area...

Sexuality: Asexual/British Men

Aspiring novelist and full time student. I enjoy philosophy, spiritual speculations (Life, death, other dimensions, things of that sort), Quantum Theories and things of a macabre genre.

Things of a closed minded or hateful nature a waste of brainpower and time.

I am a Pantheist mixed with a bit of Liberal theism and the teachings of buddha. Politically "Radical" as they say. Activist and supporter of Civil Rights, Wikileaks, and Peace. I live a life driven by wonderlust and pipedreams.

Obsessive Sherlockian. Street Artist. Idealist. Sarcasm expert.

  • Education
    • Johnson County Community College