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Alexis Smith-Byron

California, United States

Writer, Poet, Speaker and Author of “ Sisters you don’t have to settle!” A book for single Christian women of all ages and a new release of Through the night Songs of Deliverance and praise.

A servant of Christ, a wife, mother, sunday school teacher and business owner.

About Me:

I love the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior forever, My heavenly Father. His Holy Spirit that guides and strengthen me daily.

I have been called to walk in the light and renounce the things of darkness. To open the blind eyes, set those who are bound free and to comfort those who morn; to proclaim the mysteries of godliness and yet the simplicity of Christ.

I’ve been called as a child of God and a joint heir with Christ; to show forth his praise and uphold his truth in my daily conversation. I am a royal diadem in the hand of my God. I am an ambassador for Christ and my life is not my own. I am the clay and He is the potter. I am a vessel of honor in his hands. I have been call to serve the Master, to do his good pleasure and to feed his sheep. I am a weapon of war. My weaponry is Love and a two-edged sword. I am prepared for battle in the whole armor of the Lord. My job is to instruct, admonish and comfort the body of Christ.

I have been called to be filled with the Spirit and to live by the Spirit, a balanced and blameless life, free of all appearance of evil; striving for perfection, peace and unity of the Spirit among my fellow believers.

He girds me with strength and he puts His words in my mouth. I am a ready writer. I proclaim the heart of the Father. It is he that fights the battle I am just privileged to take part. I am called to stand in the gap and see his salvation. I have been called to pray and bear the infirmities of the weak. To forgive and be forgiven, to be an instrument of grace and to see others through the eyes of Christ.

I am called to live by faith and to be ready to give an account of why I believe, to preach in season and out of season without the fear of man; to reveal truths of God in a concise and understanding way. He has given me the gifts and abilities to carry out his purpose.

I am called by God to set his people free and make known the riches of his glory. God has validated me in this ministry. I strive for the mastery of this vocation. He has called me and has raised me up for such a time as this.