Alexis Dames

Entrepreneur in Aventura, Florida

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Venezuelan-American entrepreneur, marketing executive, pilot, writer, photographer, and artist.

Founder and president of Aviation Times Inc, a Miami-based digital marketing agency.

Past iterations include coffee company founder and Blockchain startup CMO. I feel blessed to be on this life journey.

❤ ❤ Proud father of two beautiful and bright girls.

Tags: Pearl Jam fan, NASA enthusiast, Jazz cognoscente,Disney pilgrim, Pan Am votary, gastronomic sybarite, mango ambassador, pesto connoisseur, long-exposure devotee, admirer of explorers, amateur viking-era shipbuilder, philanthropist, guitarist, Space Shuttle fan, safe driver and opposer of injustice.

  • Work
    • Aviation Times / Jettr
  • Education
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University