Alexis Holcomb

Writer and Editor in the United States

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Well written fiction of any kind is Alexis Holcomb's love. As a child, she moved almost every year until she was ten, and quickly learned with her mother's encouragement that books could take her anywhere and would always be a constant companion. She took this knowledge too much to heart in junior high, finding herself more at home in a book than in the real world. She soon recovered from that by high school and began to build her own worlds based on the people and places she saw around her. After a thoroughly unsuccessful stint trying to write poetry, Alexis found she could weave stories together on paper, often well enough that her stories were more comprehensible than she was in person!

After a short amount of time at a community college, Alexis entered the military and truly began her adult life as she got married and had two beautiful boys. The marriage ended, but the ensuing depression and travel between Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas fueled her renewed interest in writing. Once she settled in Texas, she took up the NaNoWriMo challenge and accomplished 50,000+ words in less than 20 days, building the world and story of The Blood Rubies that she hopes to one day finish and publish for others to enjoy. Also during this time, she became the "bard" of her gaming group and turned their story transcripts into a living book that she found (after no longer building it) had actually gained over a dozen followers online.

Since then, Alexis has dabbled in several online ventures, but has always kept her love of writing and continued to reach out to others who are attempting to teach themselves to write. She has been a leader on the LegendFire writing forum, received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a creative writing focus at the University of Central Missouri, and continued to expand her abilities and knowledge through self-training and practice. She is now working to spread her reputation as both a professional writer for writers and an author, hoping to one day make a living from her writing and support her goal of achieving a Masters in Creative Fiction Writing.

She is married now to her high school sweetheart who says he would be lost without her, and the feelings are mutual. Both her sons are now teenagers with promising futures. Alexis looks forward to the challenges and wonders life still has in store for her.