Alexis Banc

Co-Founder, Developer, and Launch Manager in New York

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Co-founder of Kwik Learning, Alexis has been responsible for product development and operations for the company’s current worldwide audience that stretches out to 120 different countries. Brainiac students consist of celebrities to executives from Nike, GE, Virgin, Zappos, SpaceX, Harvard, and Fox Studio.

Her side missions include supporting nonprofit organizations with causes she believes in, such as Virgin Unite, Pachamama Alliance, Equality Now, Unstoppable Foundation, and Pencils of Promise. She has helped to build two schools for children in Guatemala and Kenya.

Currently, she's cooking up an anti-procrastination reading campaign to bring new flavors to reading books and raise the level of collected intelligence, as well as healthy confidence in communities. She's also looking forward to partaking in sub-orbital flights and being part of the first space learning center project.

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