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Alexis Jones

Creativity and individuality are two words important to me since I feel they describe my makeup. Ever since my first art class in fifth grade, I found a natural talent in using my hands to create. It was that first art class that revealed to me that I like to take the beauty from my surroundings and depict it in the way I see it. In my childhood years, I discovered fashion and loved the way clothing and accessories could not only change the way a person looks on the outside, but how great it made them feel on the inside. I learned at an early age, if you felt good about the way you looked, it emanated in a person's attitude, stance, and walk. I believe these few loves I found young led me to where I am today.

Along my journey of self-discovery, I have recognized characteristics that make me who I am. I have a passion for numbers and paperwork. While some people find school is not for them, I have always loved to learn and am in constant search of new knowledge and skills. I am a perfectionist and take pride in knowing I have completed my work beyond expectations.

I have accomplished a double major in Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. I am a small business owner with one contract worker. I am in search for a new challenge in my work experience to find a career that will further enhance my current skills and add more. Currently, I am looking for a career in any of the fields of administrative, clerical, data entry, buying, merchandising, bookkeeping, finance, human resources, and/or payroll.

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