Alexis Lane

One day, I picked up a camera...turned it on...and took my first photo. This photo was of a blade of grass, growing up from concrete and sitting in a puddle of water. "This is me" I said aloud to the blade of grass and felt an overwhelming feeling of joy as I captured that moment forever through this camera. That photo will forever be etched in my mind and in my photo's as the first of many points in my life that I have captured a moment that needs to last forever.

Five years later, I now rarely go an entire day without taking a photo. It is my food, my sleep and my imagination. I love and honor the art of Photography and the way that it makes me feel. I aspire to be one of the great photographers in our World that allow others to escape for a moment inside of a photo and take part in my life as I journey around the world, capturing this fascinating life.