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Alexis Marquez

Video Game Design in Santee, California

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Howdy! I’m Alexis Marquez, a senior at West Hills High School.

I’m currently waiting to attend Grossmont College to become Video Game Designer in Santee, California. I believe that Grossmont College is the perfect place for me because it is fairly close to my house and I know many people on campus.

I currently do not have any hobbies, but I played softball for about 9 years.

Ever since I was little, I have always loved video games and the process behind what makes each game so unique. My main company is Nintendo. I have always enjoyed their video games and hope to someday work for them.

When I finish my major, I plan on applying for a job at Nintendo of America.

You can view my high school portfolio with a click on the button above or click the link to view a video about my plans for after high school:

  • Education
    • West Hills High School
    • Grossmont College