Alexis (Ali Shanti) Neely

CEO, Attorney, and Futurist in Boulder, Colorado

Alexis (Ali Shanti) Neely

CEO, Attorney, and Futurist in Boulder, Colorado

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I'm living out loud and re-defining success by integrating two parts of me, Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti. Check out my personal website here or my work around healing the inter-generational divide here.

I'm here to radically upgrade the way you make personal finance decisions, think about death, show up in relationship, and resolve conflict.

If you are a lawyer, you'll want to read my Manifesto on how I built a million dollar practice with a new law business model. Or watch my video series. Or for the most up to date teachings, read my blogs here.

If you are not a lawyer, then you'll want to begin with my Money Map Life Planning Series.

If you are a creator or inheritor of Family Wealth (and we all are), then you'll want to go here.

Once upon a time, I wrote the bestselling book on legal planning for parents. (Okay, the only one) and created a website where you can name legal guardians for your kids for free.

You can find lawyers I've trained to work with families and help those families to stay out of court and out of conflict here.

Or lawyers who are uniquely trained in my Money Map and LIFT Systems to work with business owners to reach their goals and vision by having legal, insurance, financial and tax systems to support them here.

I look forward to supporting you to remember who you are, why you are here, and what's yours to do. The world needs all of you now. <3

  • Work
    • New Law Business Model & Eyes Wide Open Life
  • Education
    • Georgetown University Law Center, Summa Cum Laude