Alexis Presley


Alexis Presley


I'm 15, female

In a long distance relationship ): <3

I love SWS, and am currently into 1D..

I love Monster energy


I believe that LOVE HAS NO GENDER.<3 Love is fucking love, and I will fight for it any day of the week, so try me ;)

I love anything rainbow.

I want to become a tattoo artist or a lawyer

I'm 5'8

I'm beautiful on the inside and out.

I have had a rough time, and right now I'm just trying to get through a hard time in my life

Former self harmer, and am here for anyone who wants to talk<33

I LOVE Demi Lovato

I'm insecure about my body, and want to cut it all off .

I want to bleach my hair

I love saladddddddd <3

I'm a book worm....

I HATE it when people poke my sides -.-

I love Imagine Dragons

^^Their song Radioactive...<33333

I have 4 dogs

I have a baby sister that was recently born

I'm a anime loverrr

^^ I LOVE THE HITACHIIN TWINS !!!! <33333333333333

*cough* Hikaru *cough* (;

Favorite color is purple

I want a tattoo of my fave quote on my arm/wrist: "Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly"~Kellin Quinn (SWS, Who are you now)

I love wearing tank tops..

I want to start an organization that helps kids and teens with suicide/self esteem etc problems..

I am here to listen to anyone. I love hearing other people stories. Whether it's from an anon or not, you all matter to me more than anything<3 So please don't ever be afraid to message me anytime you like (: I'm very open and love to help anyway I can. Love you all<3 Stay Strong.<3