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Alexis Saffran

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a highly skilled, strategically driven generalist providing marketing, branding and digital consulting services and project management to a variety of clients and organizations. I have lived in the U.S. and Canada and received my Masters in Global Affairs from NYU. An avid world traveler, foodie, innovation junkie and sci-fi nerd, I love being a student of life! Learn more about me here

Practiced at assisting new and growing businesses with communication and marketing strategies, digital & social media integration, organizational challenges, identity and branding hurdles, technology gaps, go to market plans and more.

A strong team leader with a proven track record who employs a methodological approach to problem solving, resulting in measurable improvements to KPI’s.

My clients have called me their ‘Swiss Army Knife’ - offering up the right answers or solutions at the right time and seeing those solutions through to completion.

Available for freelance contracts and other consulting opportunities.