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Barely a handful of Spanish drivers have made it into F1 over the last decade. One of those is Barcelona-born Sergio Canamasas, the only Spaniard in the GP2 series, who drove a Carterham CT03 in a test run on the French track of Lurcy Levis.

Question: How did it feel to finally make it into Formula 1?
Answer: I've had a special last few days. It's a massive change compared to GP2. We've got an extra 250 HP and it’s noticeable immediately. There's also a big change with the braking, as it becomes more effective due to the aerodynamics. The steering wheel also has a lot more buttons. It's like a Play Station.

Q: What type of driver would you say you are?
A: I'm aggressive, but with that bit of intelligence required. I'm also very concise, I've got very clear vision of things when I'm on the circuit, and I'm methodical. Perhaps I'm most like Hamilton because of that aggressiveness. I also have some similarities with Alonso in terms of my consistency of times. But I’m only similar in small ways. I don't want people to misinterpret me.

Q: GP2 seems like a real battle.
A: It's a very difficult competition. We have very little time to drive on Fridays. They only give us 30 minutes for free training, which means you have to be clear about what you want to do. The drivers' experience really matters when you don't get much time. That's why there are drivers with three or four years' experience up there.