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Alexis Mattos-Vabre

Web Developer, Data Scientist, and Entrepreneur in San Francisco, California

Data Scientist, Creative Technologist, Entrepreneur, Artist.

Founder of ENSO in Paris @ensoassociation. A non-profit that supports artists, their projects and collaborations and then pairs them with conscious brands to the benefit of all involved.
I live between Paris & San Francisco and love to travel.
I'm currently looking for new opportunities in a company with a progressive mindset that would benefit from my unique skill-set and innovative approach. I'm especially interested in the crossroads of art and technology. Please take a look at my Linkedin profile to find out more and don't hesitate to get in touch.
twitter: @figure8labs

  • Work
    • Steambôt
  • Education
    • Bfa
    • Minor in Psychology
    • Java