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Alexei Taska

conceptual design, Virtual Materializm, and Director in San Francisco, California

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Alexei Taska – CEO, Board Member and Founder – Alexei is an international entrepreneur who has designed and worked in both

Europe and the US. In addition he has funded and launched a few of his own companies. Alexei started his business career at an

early age, with the invention and development of special warm jacket for cold regions of USSR. He then expanded to total of 100

new jacket designs to influence the market, including the German Magazine Burda, where he took second place in the competition.

His industrial conceptual design and contraction design helped to reconstruct dozens of places in SF and Bay Area. Throughout his

career, Alexei has worked with talented very talented people, focusing on design. Alexei earned his bachelor’s degree from Industrial

digital control College, Aviation Navigation Institute and Berkeley City College in the US. Alexei lives in Bay Area and in his spare

time he enjoys hockey, walking, science and technology.

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    • DiggitAct
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    • Berkeley City College