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My name is Alexius Baspian, Sex, Men, 5th child of 7 siblings. I am Catholic and was born on 20 November 1991 in Tana Toraja, and I am now 21 years old. I stayed with my Uncle and his family is located at Jalan Raya Blok F Aspol Toddopuli Rappocini 36 districts. In education I started to enter kindergarten (kindergarten) emo love that at the time was about 5 years old, as long as there really taught me discipline in everything but also a time to play. Then the date July 7, 1997 I started attending primary school (elementary school) in 151 primary schools Sillanan, Tana Toraja. There I experienced improved learning more than ever before, although that should be skipped during elementary school for 6 years must pass sy for 7 years because the first year I could not go up a class, and in 2004 I graduated from elementary school and up to the SMP Negeri 1 Mengkendek located at Jl sitarda No. 23. There I was initially very difficult to adjust the situation because the location of the house to school was very far away, but soon I was able to adjust to the school situation. In 2007 I graduated from junior high school and go to high school in SMA Negeri 1 Mengkendek addressable Sitarda Road No 34 Mengkendek, Tana Toraja. At the high school-I was enjoying his time as a lot of people say that high school is very exciting dijalaninnya. For the past 3 years I went to school, and finally in 2010, I graduated from high school with the Natural Sciences Program (IPA) and still in the same year, I immediately continue my education to university level in Makassar Professional STMIK up until now. In university, I took the Information Management Program ddengan three levels of education diploma (D3) Someday I expect in the future could become Associate Expert Computers (A.Md.Kom) according to my plan. In STMIK sy Educate order to have personal integrity and Responsible Honest And mentally, students to be computer Pranata Problem Solving skills are based on the knowledge of computer and information technology. Besides my personality in my opinion is a very loyalty, flexible, highly motivated and have a good commitment. But the ugliness of my personality is that I was very selfish and easily discouraged. But of all those other people who might be able to judge myself more precisely.

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