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Alex Jaroshevich

Account executive Alex Jaroshevich works as a Senior Sales Consultant for a surgical supply company. He ranks in the company’s top percentile for inside sales and has consistently exceeded his quarterly quota by 40%. Mr. Jaroshevich functions as the account executive for a large sales territory that includes surgical centers and hospitals in seven states.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Alex Jaroshevich grew up in Virginia Beach. He later established Alexander Distribution, Inc., in 2002. A sales and distribution company, Mr. Jaroshevich’s business sold Tanses Tanning units to salons throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As the company’s general manager, Alex Jaroshevich orchestrated a 28-percent growth in revenue and improved operations by reducing purchase and resale costs by 6 percent. His shrewd leadership earned him the Top Tanning Start Up and Unique Concept Award from the Indoor Tanning Association in 2005.

Alex Jaroshevich opened his second business two years later with Baja Beach Tanning Club, a privately owned chain of tanning salons. Mr. Jaroshevich oversaw all aspects of the company, including daily operations, finance and accounting systems, advertising, inventory, and staffing. By increasing memberships and decreasing company expenses, Alex Jaroshevich boosted revenue by 20 percent each year from 2004 to 2009. Once again, Mr. Jaroshevich’s superior management skills were recognized by the Indoor Tanning Association, which ranked Baja Beach as one of the nation’s top 100 salons.

Alex Jaroshevich enjoys membership in several organizations, including the Sandler Training President’s Club. His hobbies include tennis, motocross racing, and volunteering time with various organizations.