Alex Hudson

London, United Kingdom.

I make news, features, radio and I'm meant to be "responsible for changing how TV is watched", apparently.

I tell innovative stories in innovative ways... or try to. I keep busy trying to guess what the next step of news storytelling will be.

I'm now deputy editor of I'm still figuring it out... and will never actually figure it fully unless the internet stops changing.

I'm BBC News alumnus, I set up and established @BBCQuestionTime (sorry/you're welcome), helped to make Click "innovate in new media" and came up with all manner of silly ideas.

While journalisting, I write/am writing/have written for BBC News, Newsbeat, Time Out, Guardian, Mirror, New Statesman and others.

I intermittently make things for YouTube (that's Talking Shop) and mess around with other projects I'll link to here when established.

I was one of these, I got nominated for this and I'm currently writing a novel that at least one person will read and I play music on my own (there'll be more on that soon).

Beyond that, I write things for magazines every so often. Occasionally, alarmingly occasionally, I sleep.

Oh, and the Hackney Heroine saved my life during the London Riots.

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