Alex Hudson

Editor, journalist, and producer in London, United Kingdom

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I make news, features, radio and I'm meant to be "responsible for changing how TV is watched", apparently.

I'm on the Tyto Tech 500 Power List in the top 50 and number one for AI and I now run a team of 100 journalists in four continents.

I'm a reporter at heart and will always love breaking stories that travel the world but I've made a career out of telling innovative stories in innovative ways. Part of my work is predicting where the future of journalism might take us.

I'm now deputy editor of Metro, helping grow it from a team of 20 to a team of over 100, where I write about all sorts of things mainly in tech and politics alongside all the editing and commissioning.

I'm BBC News alumnus, I set up and established @BBCQuestionTime (sorry/you're welcome), helped BBC Click "innovate in new media" and came up with all manner of silly ideas.

I write/am writing/have written for BBC News, Newsbeat, Time Out, Guardian, Mirror, New Statesman and others.

I intermittently make things for YouTube and I'm about to release a record with my band, No Alexander.

I was one of Broadcast magazine's rising stars, I got nominated for two British Media Awards and I've won two Sony Gold Awards (they're now called ARIAs).

I'm always looking for writing or consultancy opportunities and I'm busy writing a novel, but isn't everyone?

Beyond that, I write things for magazines every so often. Occasionally, alarmingly occasionally, I sleep.

Oh, and the Hackney Heroine saved my life during the London Riots.

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