Alexandru Haidamac

Bucharest, Romania

I'm Alex Haidamac, young creative based in Bucharest, Romania. I easely see the essence in people, things, business and technology.

• 6+ years experience in creative fields:

Creative Direction // Creative Strategy // Creative Problem Solving // Branding // Art Directing // Photography // Graphic&Web Design

• Gold Medal @ Young Lions Design, Cannes Lions 2013.

• Foreign Policy Romania included me and Natalia Sfetcu on their 2013 list of "100 people that move the country in right direction trough ideas or by personal example", for Outstanding Career Debut.

• Winner in Cannes Lions Romania - Design Competition, Bucharest 2013.

• Graduated Eurobest Academy, Hamburg 2010.

• Runner Up in Eurobest Romania - Young Creatives Competition, Bucharest 2010.