Alex Julius

My name is Alex Julius, though my friends call me Kael, and I'm originally from Jasper, TN, I moved up to Nashville in 2006 to pursue a career in game design. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted when I started, and all I had were 2 friends, about 100 bucks, and some changes of clothes moving up to Nashville. It took about 2 years to save up enough for a place to stay and live comfortably by myself. I lived and saved up for about another 2 years and got a car last year. With car in hand, I decided to venture into the realm of sound design for video games, and started looking around in Nashville for studios. Sadly there were no game companies in Nashville, however I have still been looking for any studios that are looking for the following: A Foley Artist Sound Designer Engineer Arranger/Composer Musician Then I'm your guy! I spin music to make extra money at parties too! So if your club is in need of a DJ in a pinch I'm your guy!