Alexander Kazerooni

Human Adaptation from physiological to psychological has been a pursuit across a 20 year career education and current hands-on of space systems engineering, science and technology public policy, fundraising for higher education and meditative yoga. The convergence of multidisciplinary education is multidisciplinary engineering & design, informatics, data analysis extends a core skill set of decision support demonstrated by solving unique problems across medical devices, space systems, health services, education and public policy sectors. While motivated by human exploration of space and survival in extreme environment, that challenge leads to appreciating the quality of relations. Relations are the space between two or more people that is the space within which we explore and live our lives, whether traditional relationships -family, friends, community - or man-made structures -minimalized living spaces, habitats and our effect upon the environment.

Mantra: 'Explore, Adapt, Impact'

How:"New Hurdles, Every Day" N.E.W. H.R.D.L.E.S

I start the day with 2 activities:

1 writing/calculating a space systems engineering equations

2. Yoga, Foreign Language, Journaling.

I end the day with two reflections

1. Updating project management calendar(s).

2. Conversation with close friend(s).