Alex Kinter

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Director, Filmmaker & Executive Producer

Alex Kinter is a cool combination of innovative mind and content creation genius, weaving his way throughout the digital frontier of video and movie production. A native of Colombia, Kinter came to the states with his mother at the age of 5. From Florida to California, lastly arriving in Texas, his multi-cultural influence and experiences have helped to shape his perspective from a variety of angles. Kinter attended film school in Los Angeles, and is a certified master RED Digital Imaging Technician & Director of Photography.

In addition, Kinter also specializes in post-production, from motion graphics to powerful cinematic cuts leaving the viewer invigorated and wanting more of his visually stimulating and emotionally impactful storytelling.

Kinter's ambition and expertise in branding, digital marketing & art direction showcases a skill arsenal to include digital strategy, market research, SEO/SEM, web development, graphic design, photography, social media, publicity, advertising, distribution & content marketing.

Kinter has filmed and photographed a wide range of celebrities like Dirk Nowitski, Val Kilmer, Selena Gomez, Will Ferrell, Stephen King, Jennifer Hudson, Paul Oakenfold, and Sir Richard Branson, just to name a few. With extended business networks in the commercial & advertising space he produces various projects and clientele bases in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and New York City, Kinter working along side for many established local, national and internationally recognized brands.