Alexander Kotlyarov

My own business, Development of original products, based on my ideas and sketches.

Creation of exclusive jewelry, based on own sketches Development of collections for the clients.

Core Skills

• Good Knowledge of qualities and peculiarities of precious metals

• Huge experience of work with precious and semi-precious stones

• Ability to design and develop original product ideas from sketches to finished products

• Ability to make detailed sketches, possession of different styles and techniques of drawing and creation of jewelry.

• Creation of exclusive jewelry collections

• Experience in creation of jewelry with further use of replication technique: more than 100 models developed and created according own sketches. • Knowledge and understanding of how jewelry is made • Good PC user: Windows, Photoshop, Сorel DRAW, InDesign, MS Office, Internet

• Excellent communication skills

• Knowledge of jewelry industry, ability to identify and design fresh and exciting product that accurately fits the brand aesthetic and target price points

• Ability to select materials and colors for all product

• Knowledge of all metals, materials, and components in order to have clear, detailed, and understandable technical designs

• Ability to learn fast, work hard and face challenges

• Ability to work in team REWARDS Winner certificates from the exhibitions in Moscow, Sochi, Rostov-оn-Don

Additional informational

No bad habits

Among hobbies: photography, design, oil painting