alex little


JOB TALK: i'm a web designer and software engineer in training living in cincinnati, ohio. i'm good at humour, editing and technical documentation. i don't like conflict, but i do like comic books. years of hard work and a strong, confident attitude nabbed me my first real career at the tender age of 20 with the title of "web designer". before that, i worked as a creative director for my college's academic art organization and technical writer for some student engineers who weren't so good at making things understandable for non-engineers.

PERSONAL TALK: i play lots of indie games and difficult rpg's liek dark souls. also heavy into the comic nerd scene. programming and drawing take up lots of time. im still in school and try to balance work, school and social time as best as i can. i'm pansexual and frugal and am on a ketogenic diet.

  • Work
    • multi-functional designer & marketing guy
  • Education
    • cedarville university & devry