Alex Mann

Cambridge, UK

Serial entrepreneur and founder of, I live in Cambridge, UK surounded by trees, open spaces and lots of university students ( some of whom are mine). I'm passionate about technology and entrepreneurship (I have an obsession about my own startup - Opheme). Few things in life beat the feeling which comes after a new feature has been added or a tweak is done resulting in faster/improved performance (performance and reliability are king right now). To most people reading, this will be wierd.... and to other founders of tech startups, it will be totally understood.

Oh, and I cure my own bacon (and occasionally pancetta). Lately I've produced the best bacon ever using belly from rare breed gloucester old spot pigs and after curing, finishing with honey - it was lip smackingly delicious.

About Opheme. Discover whats being said, who's saying it and where they are in any location - with accuracy of 3 feet. Then use the same hyper accurate location platform as a marketing system. Choose any location, area or even building and anyone Tweeting from within your target area . instantly receives your message. Perfect for customer engagement at your own premises - or your competitors. If you've gotten this far and want to get in touch I can be reached at: alex at

Gotta go now, that pitch deck wont write itself you know.

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