Alex Marquez

Student in Manila, Philippines

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Hello there! My name is Alex M. Marquez Jr. I live at 2462 Araullo Street Sta. Ana Manila. I was born on January 13, 1996 and my birthplace was in Santa Teresita Cagayan Valley. My religion is Roman Catholic. We are two siblings and my sister's name is Almalyn Marquez, My father's name is Alex Marquez Sr. and my mother's name is Marissa Marquez. My province are in Cagayan Valley and Ilocos norte. I grew up in many places, Since i was born i grew up in santa teresita cagayan valley and i lived there almost 9 years. When i was in primary school i went in masi primary school, In this school was the most happiest moment in my childhood days. Because i had a lot of friends there. We were playing lot of games like Patintero, Card games, lastiko etc. I forgot thename of the rest. When my sister's was finished in Grade 4. She was transferred at santa teresita elementary school, Then I was decided to transfer it too. I went there from grade 3 - 4, Then After that my family had a problem in our business so that they decided to go in ilocos norte my mama's side. I continue my education. So I went in Abucay elementary school from Grade 5 - 6. In that school was memorable for me. Because in that school i became an athletes. We were fighting in different schools. My sports was Basketball, Volleyball and track and field.