Alex Martinez Rivera

Carolina Puerto Rico

Visionary Entrepreneur: Airline, and Tech Company in Development I am a globetrotting student with an inquisitive mind regarding to airlines, economics and politics. Although, am still a student, I am a curious person who looks how intricacies work in this world. Currently I have several projects working on among them a project to start up my own airline business, another involves on locating luggage while on an airport. I have several more projects but they are similar in nature. I have three languages under my belt: English, French, & Spanish. When not studing in college, or doing my entrepreneurship studies you can find me reading a book, learning Italian, traveling, surfing the net, enjoying some classical or accustic music, or when I am bored as last resort just watch TV.

  • Education
    • Valencia College
    • Polk State College
    • Ridge Community High School
    • Haines City High School