Alex Matt Davies

Alex Matt Davies

From Public to Private

I am a psychotherapist, couples counsellor and relationship coach. I developed my current career from environmental psychology and urban design.

I designed and developed inclusive public environments for sustainability and health, allowing people the opportunity to better appropriate public space in the built and natural environments. I facilitated public meetings and consultation programmes for young and old, marginalised and homeless. I am fascinated by how people engage in the process of public space design and the inevitable dynamic between the private and public domains, both in the environment and the mind.

From 'Out There' to 'In Here'

My understanding of human nature and human relationships deepened immensely when I started a journey into my own psyche. I realised the value in having my own private space to work through my own issues and discover my self anew. I found a growing passion and respect for psychotherapy and each individual's unique journey and trials in life. My view was widening from the environment 'out there' to include the environment 'in here'. I decided to begin training as a psychotherapist in 2009. I have had specialist training in the areas of relationships, couples counselling and sexuality.