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Alex Melvin

I am a fun, outgoing, family man with skills and interests in many areas including audio, video, sports, and the outdoors. These skills and interests have helped shape me into the person that I am today. My main focus is not only in the areas of audio and video production, but also as an entrepreneur. I received my associates degree in business management from Sinclair Community College in 2009.

Using my media skills I have helped to make high quality videos for individuals and companies including Moma Productions, a production company out of Amsterdam, Peter Block, a well known book writer, and Elementz Hip Hop Youth Center, a non-profit youth organization in downtown Cincinnati. I have experience with a variety of different cameras including but not limited to Canons 5D, 7D, t2i, and Panasonics HVX200. Along with shooting and editing videos I also have experience with photography, taking pictures of the Cincinnati Bearcats football team and at events throughout Cincinnati.

I also have a passion for music and audio production. I have been creating and playing music since middle school. I became skilled at making instrumental beats in high school after purchasing my first drum machine. Since then I have been making instrumental beats on Akai’s MPC 1000 and DJing for a local band.

While I want to work professionally in the areas of audio and video production I also have a passion for other activities such as sports, family, and the outdoors. Since the age of 20 I have been raising my beautiful three-year-old daughter Hailey. This has helped me grow not only as a person, but also as an asset to my community, teaching me about responsibility, maturity, and leadership.

I am currently working with a group of entrepreneurs to help put together a non-profit talent agency for artists in the greater Cincinnati area.