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Alex Milewski

Denver, Colorado

Hip Hip Hop and I don't stop I rock it... Hello world. My name is Alex. AKA bboy White Boi. I represent Worm Tank crew and Colorado Hip Hop. I am this thing called an Entrepreneur. It's a bit of a fuzzy definition but I like doing my own thing and not working for someone else's dream. Dancing is the air I breath. It is not a hobby, or a phase, or a workout. I am a bboy. A Break/Boogy Boy. I eat sleep breath Hip Hop. I enjoy being underestimated by people who don't know me... I want to make robots. Ive been saying that since I was ~10 years old. And I'm on the road to success. I also want to travel the world: I know that America has a lot of false reality to it, and I want to experience the world through different eyes. I Love experiences, I want to: work for the CIA or FBI, contract for the military, teach dance, web develop, street live, graphics design, animation, fight professionally, etc. In no particular order. Hopefully in many different countries. I would also Love a world without guns: where people could become powerful on physical ability alone. I Love life. I don't ever want to have faded memories. I want them to be vivid, sober, and beautiful. I cant stand seeing people waste it. I want to change the world. Cant does not exist.

  • Work
    • Beneath The Ink
  • Education
    • Denver School of Science and Technology
    • East High School
    • University of Colorado Boulder