Alex Munro

Writer in Brisbane, Australia

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Hello. My name is Alex Munro. You killed my father. Prepare to die....

Or maybe not.

I am an internally pale, yet externally tanned Scottish arachnophobe residing in suburban Brisbane in the far off land of Australia.

I live in a typical Australian house co-owned with the ants, my soon to be wife, 2 children and a demented feline called Sprinkles.

When not hiding under a straw hat from spiders, and consulting the big book of things that can kill, harm and viciously maim you, I enjoy picking up a guitar and then putting it down again.

I am attempting to become a semi-professional writer, a demi-adequate human being and I am a self-professed partially proficient musician. I do not, however, do anything by halves.

When asked what I write, I normally reply 'Words and occasionally numbers.' That is quite an accurate synopsis.

And now that you know practically nothing about me, why don't you share a little bit about yourself?