Alex NúHer

Livin' my hole life as the twin brother! i'm ready to steppin' out!

Ready to begin this amazing carreer as a performer whether is in Music, Theatre, T.V. Cinema! anywhere! i´m ready to do it all. I've been workin' since 2010 as an architect and trying to live through that, but in the end all i really want to do is perform! and its just obvious! because i´ve been around the stage since i was like 5 years old doing it all!! Singin' Dancin' Actin' or just makin' a fool of my self! (all in the name the ARTS!!) hahaha.

I have a phrase that i always tell myself, it goes something like this: "God gave us the ability to dream! as well the ability to make those dreams come true!"

Sooo now im gonna sing, act, write, built!! until i make you feell something special!... Because that's what arts are all about RIGHT??? :D