Alex Parker

Hello everyone!

I'm Alex, aka AlexP10v2 (My general alias), a 19 Year old college student from Wales, UK (NOT ENGLAND!!!)

I am currently learning street Jujitsu and attending my second year of college, with the hope of going further and attending university.

I have an interest in the weather (or to be more precise, meteorology). It is my dream to become a meteorologist, maybe I will accomplish it in the future. Who knows?

Aside from that. I have a major interest in computers/computing and consider myself to be technologically knowledgeable and interested in the Japanese culture/language.

I also love making videos over on YouTube. Check out my channel (TweeterParker)

I am very active over on Twitter, (

So if you need me, try there first.

That's about it for the moment, my life is very boring.