Alex Palash


Alexander Igorevich Palash (on August, 25th 1991, Russia, Vladivostok, PRIM) — Young and very outstanding Business-men, the classical pianist, the sound producer (Sound Produccer) Is written down in the book «Best People of Russia», has a gold medal assured by the president of the Russian Federation, the Winner and the student of the International competitions. In 2001 on 1 eye it became blind. Has begun the reunion with music in 5 years, and with business with 10. From this age, it have given to local music school where trained it to play the piano, on Alexander in density itself studied to it interesting aspects of the computer and external life of people. «A grand piano the royal tool as well as that don't speak …» - Alexander Palash (2008) After the termination of music school he was interested to horror by music of legendary guitarist Steve Vai. And from this point on he began to be engaged in this tool-guitar. Began to achieve the same unusual sounding as from this guitarist. Through insignificant time it of all . After the music school termination on a piano class, the pianist began to be engaged in a guitar and has mastered masterly it for 3 years? Yes such question many time was set. The mimicry, a sound and individuality of this guitarist gives it popularity. Along with a guitar it a lot of time gives to a grand piano. Often asked question to this musician: How it is possible to play one concert difficult products and Steve Vai and then to sit down for a grand piano and to play the big piano concert? On what he answers with a smile — «I don't know». Whence you take such sound though on a scene you don't have any equipment? Its answer — «the Answer all in fingers, apple mainstage and magic guitar Ibanez Jem.» In 2011 the big project этогого the musician both musical and business will be announced, but he doesn't speak about it. For us it now secret that he there "hides". On on one of its concerts the big euphoria, its one more feature is felt. Alexander Palash the owner company AmericanNow, Advertising company "Cancord" and major concern of traders "ADP".

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