Alex Pascall OBE

London, United Kingdom.

Alex Pascall, OBE, is a Grenada-born broadcaster, journalist, musician, composer, oral historian and educator. Based in Britain for over 50 years, he was one of the developers of the Notting Hill Carnival, is a political campaigner and was part of the team behind the birth of Britain's first national black newspaper The Voice. Credited with having "established a black presence in the British media",[1] Pascall is most notable as having been one of the first regular Black radio voices in the UK, presenting the programme Black Londoners on BBC Radio London for 14 years from 1974.[2] Initially planned as a test series of six programmes, Black Londoners became, in 1978, the first black daily radio show in British history,[1] with prominent guests from the worlds of politics, sport, literature and the arts, including Muhammad Ali,[3] Alex Haley and the Mighty Sparrow.[4]

Alex Pascall is a character on Teletubbies. He is a character who only appears in the TV Events. He loves to sing to children different songs such as Little Baby, Handy Hands, etc. Like the other TV Event character, he loves the Teletubbies.

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