Alex Phan

Chantilly, Va

My name is Alex Phan. My full name is Alex Jordan Tuan Dat Phan. My parents named me with four first names (2 in Vietnamese and 2 in English). I am curently in 5th grade and will be in middle school comes the Fall. I am the yougest in my family and have one older brothe (Johnathan) and an older sister (Nikki). We get along well most of the time, except for when we bikering about nonsense stuffs. I am into sports such as basketball, soccer, martial art and also into music (piano). Most of the week I am busy because of all the after school sport activities. We will be going on two long vacations this summer. The first vacation will be to Los Angeles California, where I will spend time visiting my uncle, and othe times with my cousin, where we will meet up with his family while we are there. The second vacation will be to Myrtle Beach for one week. I love playing on the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and ocean. I will be updating this post when I have more information.

  • Education
    • Elementary-middle school