Alex Pinto

Consultant, Director, and Psychologist in Poltava, Ukraine

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Created by Alex Pinto, a Portuguese resident in Ukraine and FHDating CEO since 2005.

Being a Premium International Dating company based in Ukraine, we learned upon how to overcome the human factor lack in the industry, witnessing the hoax which victimizes people in meeting each other within a legit environment and out of commercial interests.

With our efficient and realistic approach and guidance in-country, we develop practical ways to perform Personalized Search Match tailored to each of our clients and restore trust in the International Dating.

How to succeed searching for a life-partner?

It’s a delicate and serious commitment!

We deal with men and women with completely different backgrounds and mentality. Different personalities, goals, and language barrier do not make it easy and demand a particular attention to each case.

We will help you in how to emphasize and promote your best individual characteristics towards success without changing the person you are;

How to optimize self-representation and attitudes to fit local reality, mentality, and habits.

Achieve more and streamline active and efficient communication with the local women.

Reinforce self-confidence when in an unknown and strange adverse environment, and how to avoid and correct improper strategies of behavior.

Unveil characteristics of both sides’ cultures towards compatibility.

International Dating scenario can be misleading for unaware men and revert on a disadvantage if faced without reputable support.

Striving against all that, FHDating offers years of tried-and-tested approach to Premium International Dating in-country, screening people's legitimacy and matching characteristics when searching for a legit life partner.

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