Alex Powelson

Student, Web Developer, and Designer in Salt Lake City, Utah

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I am a web designer and developer living in Salt Lake City while studying web design and development at Utah Valley University.

Since high school, where I was a journalism student interested in all aspects of publishing, I've been a writer, photographer, and designer. I began studying journalism at Brigham Young University in 2009, and documented local bands in Provo, Utah through writing and photos. In 2011, I dropped out of BYU after losing my faith in the LDS church and struggling with severe depression as a result. I went back to school at UVU in 2013, and decided to study design and development so I could learn to control the presentation of my work. During my second semester at UVU, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

My main focus is discussion of mental disorders and gender. In SLC, I am a part of The Medusa Collective, an activist group dedicated to improving gender representation in the local music scene.

  • Education
    • Utah Valley University