Alex Proud

Camden Town, UK

The Proud Group knows fine dining and entertainment. Alex Proud heads a surefire team of specialists to make his collection of restaurants and galleries the top-notch name in the industry. Guests range from notable celebrities of the day to mainstreamers looking to experience a touch of refinement, class, and even a bit of the naughty.

What could create such a combination with such mass appeal? Start with the galleries: originally a purveyor of Japanese art, Alex Proud decided to take a less traditional route and instead became one of the most respected names in the photography industry. Collections featured at the Proud Galleries include talented snapshots of everyone from Johnny Cash to Muhammad Ali, Adam Ant to Paul Newman. Observe the creativity and technique, stay for the fabulous portraits of celebrity.

Then, look to the restaurants; or, to put a finer point on it, the cabarets. The Proud Cabarets are one of the top homes of burlesque entertainment in the country, and entertainment has included such acts as fetish show Killing Kittens, the amazing Shock Theatre, Kit Cat Club, and burlesque whodunit The Silencing of Miss Scarlet.

For those looking for perhaps a more low-key evening rather than glitz and glam, another option might be the Proud Camden Bar. However, that is not to say the venue isn’t just as eclectic, unique, and entertaining. Up and coming artists perform live music there each evening, and guests can enjoy both the live gigs, as well as escape onto the new terrace for fresh air and exceptional views. The entire spot is one of Alex Proud’s most interesting venues: it was once a horse hospital, and patrons can still use the former occupants’ stalls for private dining and small private events.

Alex Proud is now a commentator on television periodically, and also sits on judging panels for photography awards like the Nikon Press Awards and the Observer Hodge Awards. Currently, he makes appearances on Channel 4’s show Four Rooms. There, he offers his opinion and insight, and sometimes his money, to participants who come in seeking a buyer for their unusual artifacts.