Alex Pugno

Language Tutor in Inghilterra, Regno Unito

Based in London, SW6. Dual citizenship, British and Italian. I teach languages (check out my website) and coach people who need to find work. I also work in Higher Education as a Payments and Purchase Orders Supervisor.

I have lots of projects (e.g. YouTube Channel).

Seen that 'crazy' guy talking at a house party and making people laugh or intrigued with his stories and his ways? That's me.

I am interested in fitness (not obsessed), good habits (ditto) and in stuff like 'When was the last time you did something for the first time?'

I love nature, swimming in lakes surrounded by rocky mountains (Cederberg in SA or Lake Tret in Trentino-Italy were just sublime experiences) or in the sea (even in winter!), walking in parks, forests or in the middle of nowhere... ever been to the Northern Territory in OZ?.

If in the right frame of mind, I'll discuss anything thought-provoking (be it books, movies, or with intelligent people ...TED talks is a really interesting digital platform).

Free-spirited, imaginative, great listener, and open-minded. Into brain plasticity, lateral thinking, learning new habits, Mind Maps, NLP, Zen, and questioning everything.

I lived in Genoa, London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Travelled around the world (never enough).

If you can't get something, you will - eventually - as long as you try in different ways.

  • Education
    • CELTA (Grade A)