Alex Pushkin


My name is Alex Pushkin. I was born in Russia, in Moscow. When I got to the age of 14, I was sent to English boarding school. That was when my life has changed.

Even when I was a child I had a passion for learning something new. The only problem was that I only wanted to learn something that interested me. So Russian school was not a walk in the park for me. However, now I am able to learn what I am really excited about, advertising and marketing. The reason I love it so much, is the process. For me it is like a journey, the path that your idea takes you on, without any knowledge what is around the corner. I like every step of it from scribbles on paper to the image on the computer screen and further to the opinion of other people.

Ok, now you are probably thinking what a one sided guy. Well, that is not true. I also play the piano, guitar, learn new languages and cultures. In my spare time I also enjoy drawing, painting and just enjoying the fine art (Proud TATE member). On top of that, very interested in sciency things, especially psychology and sociology.