Alex Rautio

Student in Woodstock, Georgia

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My name is Alex, and I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I was only three years old when I first started watching the original Star Wars trilogy (along with Star Wars Episode I), and what I saw amazed me and influenced my imagination in ways that few other movies have ever done before or since. Some reasons that Star Wars had taken hold of me at such a young age were the groundbreaking effects, the intriguing and engaging way in which a seemingly simple good vs. evil story was told, the relatable characters (such as the heroic Luke Skywalker), the beautiful musical score, the lessons it teaches (such as overcoming greed and doing away with temptation), and the incredible adventure that the audience gets to go on while watching the films. As a kid, being able to play with Star Wars toys allowed me to let my imagination go wild since I was able to create my own scenarios in the fictional universe. I have watched the Star Wars movies over and over again to the point to where almost every sound effect, image, or line of dialogue has become permanently ingrained in my mind. My enjoyment of Star Wars is not simply limited to the Star Wars movie saga; I also love the video games, television shows, novels, and anything else that can be tied back to the Star Wars franchise.