Alex Reez

Real name of DJ Alex Reez is Krystian Chmielecki. He was born in 1992 in Poland, Europe. His music career have started in 2007 in one of the internet radiostations. He was inspired by a spanish island - Ibiza- and a music climat from the world famous clubs like Amnesia. Alex's favourite music style is HOUSE and some subgenres of that. Now he plays in clubs all over the country.

he played in:

Indeks - Warszawa

Bohema - Siedlce

Witonia Banderoza - Witonia

Pub '73 - Kutno

Pacyfik - Warszawa

Capitol - Lesko

Kameleon - Kutno

UnderGround - Łódź

DG Pub - Brzeziny

With Dj's : DJ W, C-tite, Matias, Locco Lovers, Colin, Xeon, Player, Arti, Skorp, Filip Sanders, Jery Deff, Yoshi, Solar, Casteam and many other..