Alex Rodger

London, UK

Alex Rodger is a Business Studies (BA Hons) Graduate of Sheffield Business School, SHU.

As a dynamic marketer, Alex works in various areas of marketing including social media, brand communication, email marketing, website design, SEO, PPC and many other areas of both traditional and digital marketing.

Actively participating in the marketing community, Alex attends marketing exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Alex has experience building and managing communities across various sectors on a number of social networks.

By day Alex works as part of the Project Management team at 4MAT, a leading recruitment marketing agency based out of Liverpool Street, London.

Out of office hours, Alex works as an independent Marketing Consultant offering a range of services to businesses looking to add colour to their marketing initiatives and develop their online presence (

Out of work, Alex has a passion for music, marketing, social and new technology. Often found socialising with friends, Alex enjoys all types of food and has a particular taste for Chinese food. Often found in the gym weight lifting, Alex also has a love for stand-up comedy.

A friendly and sociable person, Alex is happy to connect with anyone looking for advice or to discuss opportunities.

*(art·ful [ahrt-fuhl] –adjective | skillful or clever in adapting means to ends; ingenious)