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Alex Schoepfel

Alex Schoepfel

My top five strengths, according to the StrengthQuest test are: context, competition, belief, command, and deliberative. To me the strength that best describes who I am the best is competition. Competition is the desire to win and the will to be the best at whatever you are trying to achieve. Since I was a little boy I’ve always had that urge, that desire to be the best whether it was a sporting game, in the classroom, or even petty things such as an argument. My parents have always teased me and told me that I should be a lawyer because I never lose any arguments. This strength affects me academically because it practically forces me to give everything I have in the classroom and while studying, which has been very beneficial to me. My competitive nature allowed me to achieve grades high enough to get into prestigious schools like Ohio State. Socially, this strength has allowed me to seek good meaningful friendships that should last throughout my life. Most of my closest friends I have met through the elite soccer or hockey teams I’ve played on, so my competitive nature and work ethic allowed me to meet these people. I’m proud of this trait, and I think it strongly defines who I am.

My favorite Ohio State tradition is by far singing our alma mater song “Carmen Ohio” at the conclusion of each home game, win or lose. After the game is finished, the players and coaches walk down to the south end of the stadium by the student section and the band plays “Carmen Ohio”. The students, coaches, players, cheerleaders, and alumni put their arms around each other's shoulders and sway side to side while the song is being played. This particular tradition is important to me because it gives me a sense of unity in the Buckeye community. Locking arms and singing our alma mater song with 100,000 plus people makes me feel united, with the common belief in Ohio State and the good it stands for. The line “how firm thy friendship” is also meaningful because years after I graduate, I think singing “Carmen Ohio” with my best friends will be one of my most vivid and memorable memories I have here at Ohio State. It makes me proud to say “I go to The Ohio State University.”

After just about finishing my first semester as a Buckeye, here are a few tips that could help a future fellow Buckeye out as they navigate through their own first semester:

  • Education
    • The Ohio State University