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Alex Singla

Chicago, Illinois, United States

As a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company, Alex Singla builds on more than 15 years of experience in financial services. He heads the North American Service Operations practice as well as the Midwest region's Financial Services practice, while providing core leadership to the Insurance practice across the Americas. In this combination of roles, Alex Singla serves clients in such varied engagements such as enterprise strategy, lean management, and sales & marketing.

Actively involved in a number of projects for McKinsey clients, Alex Singla recently developed a diversified front-line development program for a prominent financial organization. He has also worked with a number of major insurers and financial groups on initiatives ranging from distribution strategy to marketing spending effectiveness. In addition, Mr. Singla has shared his expertise as an author of several McKinsey whitepapers on various topics and presented in professional forums such as Guidewire’s ‘Connections’ conference. A certified public accountant, he holds an MBA in strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship as well as a bachelor of science in accounting and finance.