Alex Smith

Alex started of mixing electronic music in 1998 using mp3 software called Digital 1200SL (now known as PCDJ). Alex's music taste was initiated by the sounds of Judge Jules & Dave Pearce as he listened their shows on BBC Radio 1. Alex started up his own mobile disco & hire business while in his final year at school. Strapped for cash, Alex decided to settle for a cheap DJ kit consisting of 2 Numark TT1520s turntables and the simple DM1001 2-channel mixer.

In 2000, Alex became a presenter at Ridgeway Radio (The station for West Dorset County Hospital), presenting a show from 6-8pm every other week. Highlights included a 24h boradcast for BBC's Children In Need appeal.

During the summer Alex helped out on a massive community project in Manchester, he was given to oportunity to mix some records on a busy shopping street!
Also in 2000, Alex passed his driving test, this widened the catchment area for his disco hire business to include pubs & hotels in Bournemouth. In 2001, Alex (only 17 years old) had his first nightclub experience - this was from behind the decks in the DJ booth at Harry's Nightclub in Weymouth on Thurdays nights, warming up from 10pm. Alex gained a vast amount of experience from this.

Alex wanted to get into beat mixing more seriously, so he in 2002 completed a professional DJ course (taught by DJ & Producer Richie T). He completed his course successfully and produced his first commercial dance demo mix CD. The disco business still continued to run on but Alex realised the cheesy chart was not his scene anymore.
One of Alex's highlights of 2002, was DJing on a band-stand at the UKs largest youth confrence (Soul Survivor). Towards the end of the year, Alex put together a proposal for a monthly under 18s night at Weymouth Baptist Church, where the alter was converted into a DJ box. 'The Sanctuary' opening night was well publicised, flyers, cards and a newspaper write-up, the effort paid off and the events grew...DJs were being invited down from all over the country to mix alongside Alex.

The time had come to part with the first set of decks in 2003 and splash out on a pair of Technics SL1210 MK3Ds. Alex was invited by a South African promoter to come out to visit Pretoria for 4-days and DJ at a massive outdoor party with Ibiza Clockwork Organge Club boss, DJ and Producer (Perpetual Motion) Andy Manston.