really cool dude in Florida


really cool dude in Florida

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dont follow if:

youre transphobic

ur homophobic

u will invalidate me

youre sexist

youre racist

ur anti kin

u share kins with me (some are ok)

youll get mad at me for spamming

- - -

hi! im donut! but u can call me franklin or any of my other id names if that ones too silly for ya

im agender (they/them), pansexual, and polyamourous!

im 14 yrs old (october 29 aa)

also im mentally ill (pls dont make me feel bad abt it)

also im fictionkin my kins are listed below vv

- - -


(these are me dont follow if you think these are you unless u want to die)

*please tag me if u post pics of any of these it makes me so happy*

Donut (rvb)

Papyrus (undertale)

Burr (hamilton) *im not kin with the historical figure, just the character portrayed in the musical*


(these are still me but not as much as my ids, no doubles)

Crona (soul eater)

M-O (wall-e)

Rem (death note)

Marlin (finding nemo)


(im alright with doubles for these)

Mr. Meeseeks (rick & morty)

still tag me as these tho^

- - -

thx if u read all this.

dm me the phrase "suicide" if you want to follow