Alexander Smith

performance artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alex smith is a teacher and performer with Halifax Circus and Studio In Essence. He has co produced and performed in 2 award winning Fringe shows. He is active behind the scenes at Halifax Circus as an organizer and advocate . He has performed internationally and all over Atlantic Canada. He has been a professional circus artist for 8 years, specializing in hand balancing, partner and solo acrobatics, solo and duo aerials and fire. Contact me for more information, and read below for a more detailed origin story.

I have been performing and experimenting with dynamic motions through dance, martial arts and acrobatics for more then half my life. In the last 8 years I have made a push towards reaching professional skill levels in the above mentioned disciplines of fire arts, hand balancing, aerials, and acrobatics. I'm looking to work with parties interested in creative projects and in need of performers, teaching privates and workshops as well as collaborating with artists on the east coast. Beginning with breakdance throughout high school, I worked with dance schools throughout the Annapolis Valley on various productions before leaving to Halifax. Now in Halifax I am able to bring a broad range of interests and skills to any production, having practiced fire arts for the duration of my time here and performing at various community events and music festivals -Evolve, Folly fest, Future Forest, St. John Exhibition, Digby Scallop days and many more. More recently, after bringing my circus skills to a higher degree, I have been involved with productions by Halifax Circus and Scout Camp Arts and Media, while teaching for Halifax Circus and Studio In Essence. I have performed at various corporate and private events including Bamboo Bass Festival - Costa Rica, Symphony NS's family series and also co-producing award winning shows for Atlantic Fringe Festival 2015 and 2018. I can tailor my work to any need corporate or artistic, but left alone enjoy fusing elements of hip-hop, world music, high flying, fast acrobatics with slow, meticulous choreography. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.