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Alex Sosa


Alex Sosa was born in 1973, in Havana city, Cuba, country well known for its fantastic music and dance; as well as its happy people, people that keep their music and dance always alive, changing and growing, which is the intention and purpose on his book The Seven Spiritual Steps of Dancing Salsa. Since he was very young he likes to dance and to see people having fun dancing, especially when they really feel connection with the music and express happiness in their faces.

The purpose of his book The Seven Spiritual Steps of Dancing Salsa is to guide the Salsa dancers to have a conscious spiritual experience while dancing, bringing awareness of what is really happening inside the dancer's mind and body during the magical moment of dancing, it is to guide the dancers to not just dance with the body but to dance with the Spirit, at the end is the Spirit who moves the body, but there are many Salsa dancers that are not consciously aware of what is really going on inside them while dancing or they just don't know from where this feeling is really coming from, letting out of their experiences a very powerful tool to personal happiness and to the happiness of others around them.

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